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Life Cover

Life insurance or life cover is a means of ensuring that your family or dependents are financially secure after your death.

Life Insurance allows you to cover any debt that may be outstanding on your property or assets and to make sure that your family has some income to cover groceries and schooling.

Other uses of life insurance include covering the possible estate duty payments required. This can speed up the resolution of your estate and remove the need for your family to sell assets in order to keep their property.

Income Protection

The income protection benefit pays a regular income if you experience loss of income on becoming partially or fully unable to follow your occupation due to a functional disability. There are various levels that cover a wide spectrum of conditions to be selected according to your needs.


Lump Sum Disability insurance is designed to give you the ability to cover current and unexpected expenses in the event of you being disabled.
Contact Edge Advisory Services for a full assessment of your needs.

Severe Illness

Pays out a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a covered severe illness. Claim pay outs are based on the severity of the illness. The severity levels have been set to reflect the financial impact of the illness on your lifestyle.


Retrenchment insurance is designed to give you enough income for a period of time in the case of retrenchment.


Being fit and healthy allows you to enjoy life that much longer then ever before. This insurance gives you some peace-of-mind for those extra years.