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Offshore Investment

Offshore Investments | Financial Emigration | International Pensions
Edge Advisory Services is an Independent Financial Services company specialising in international pensions, offshore investments, financial emigrations and international estate planning. Since inception, our clients have always been our top priority.

Offshore Investing

There are many ways to invest offshore. For those of you who want a tax-efficient investment structure where your portfolio is invested in international currencies and international funds while remaining tax-efficient in multiple jurisdictions, then you need advice from a specialist. Edge Advisory Services is one of the few companies in South Africa that can give specialist advice you on your international portfolio on a much higher level than your average investment broker.

Financial Emigration

There are so many South Africans who are living and working abroad. We are the SA based specialists able to assist you with transferring your investments offshore. You are able to cash in your pensions, retirement annuities and preservation funds and add them to a pension in your new home country, or just create a new international offshore portfolio. This is a very difficult process to manage from outside of South Africa, so speak to the specialists who are able to assist with the transfer of your assets while dealing with all the local legislation.

International Pensions

Did you work offshore? Did you contribute to a company pension scheme? If you worked in a country outside of South Africa and contributed to a non-governmental pension scheme, then you need our assistance to manage this pension in an offshore jurisdiction. We are the local specialists in this field and are able to assist you in transferring your pension to a much more tax-efficient structure which could be in a more tax efficient jurisdiction.

For those of you who have already transferred your pension to a QROPS or similar structure and are unhappy with the growth and returns that you have been getting, then we can help. Ask us to analyse your structure and portfolio for excessive fees and unsuitable fund choices. We have a history of improving these portfolio’s to improve growth and plug the leaks.