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Any person of 16 years or older who owns assets and is mentally able to understand the results of his/her actions, should have a Will. If a person dies without a Will, it could lead to administration, tax and legal problems and possibly also lead to financial losses and family disputes, Edge Advisory Services can assist you to compile a Will which is suitable to your needs and situation.

Living Wills

It is important to have clear instructions on what is to happen if you are being kept alive on medical machines. A Living Will provides your family with a clear way forward if ever faced with such difficult decisions.


Just as you are unique, so too is your estate and your circumstances. Our estate administration process is supported by the expertise which recognizes that uniqueness. For your peace of mind, we do all we can to ensure that your estate is administered within the shortest time frame. The privacy of your needs is held in the highest regard and we are committed to effective administration as well as doing the job properly the first time, every time.

Contact us should you need any assistance or guidance when one of your family members has passed away.

Testamentary trust

When a person draws up a Will, a clause is added for the protection of the interest of minors and other dependants who are not able to look after their own affairs. These types of trusts come into being only after the death of the testator.

The trust is administered by trustees appointed in terms of the Will and is usually ended after a predetermined period or at a determined event like a minor turning 21 or the death of an income beneficiary.

Assets owned by the deceased may be moved to the trust, in terms of the Will. A testator appoints the trustees in his/her Will.